You are a victim of the modern age and cannot be saved. So for that cheers to suffering, without it, there would be no enjoyment.

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Society has become an unsafe and scary place where it is hard to know if something is good or bad. A society where the structure is standing on thin beams in which holds us up like branches are holding the leafs. They will not stand forever. Rather what we see right now, is just the beginning to something bigger that will change the course of history and everyone in it. We have seen our society rise and fall many times before by the help of great and bad people who all have something in common. They want to make a change, a big one. Human beings have never been precise when it comes to the prediction of doom or the ending of society. All I can say, is that currently, how things are. It seems like a collapse could be at bay and that is eerie. We have had such collapses many times in human history and no society or civilization is immune to such vulnerabilities which might lead us to our demise. But humanity is currently at an unstable and uncertain path, but just how close we are to reaching such a point with no ways out is uncertain.


It is rather impossible to predict the future with certainty, but such things as mathematics and science can in some way give theories that are supported by facts and suggest what could possibly happen in the future. We see such groups as the elites who have hoarded wealth and through such makes society a very unstable place. Leaving very little for the commonwealth and for the people who are very far down in the so called pecking order. Society might crash because the portion of wealth offered to them is not enough for them. We see that there is a carrying capacity for how much society can take and what would leave them in a poor state.


Very few people think that western civilization is on the brink of collapse, but the fact is I am quite certain that the Romans and Mesopotamians saw their own demise coming either. If we want to avoid their fate we need to make it so that the economic inequalities are reduced and preserve natural resources that has played a factor in the collapses of previous societies. Also it is shown that advanced, complex and powerful societies are susceptible to collapse.


To define a societal collapse we can say that it is the fall or disintegration of complex human societies. It is when a society is prone to collapse and fail, calling for collateral damage and stopping it from any further advances as well as evolving as a complex society. This general subject arises in anthropology, history, sociology, politics, and other fields.



Jacob Cornelius

Every single day we look at ourselves and think we are something greater, than whatever you happen to compare yourself to. Hey look at me, I am part of society. 13 years of fucking school. Now we have this great thing we are waiting for. We are waiting for some kind of great big change to happen in the world? Next big fucking bang. We are so great with our societal structure, and our perfect behavior. We are so perfect, we have gotten so far. It’s such a good idea to evolve. Look at what we have achieved, pathetic is what we are.

Examples of a society in which seems unstable is that of a society which is a danger to be a part of or wander around in. When simply going for a walk becomes a dangerous thing to do. If you were to live in the big city, you can’t always do that, you are probably going to get assaulted or worse. No matter where you are it is unsafe, and no matter what country you are in everyone is mental in some form or another. It’s just different levels of mental.

America is has seen many awful and scary times, where the government is hard to trust and society is in a bit of a bad state. We have made ourselves into, raving lunatics. Our system is so great and powerful. But yet we are not getting anywhere but just further apart.


There were more contact back in the lets say the fifties, more contact with family when keeping schedule. No social media and they had to go out and do things which made them more sociable and reliable. Now I can sit in my room and be social, all alone. I don’t want to evolve. I cant be a part of this, I am not evolving, it is dangerous, of course it depends on where we evolve. We should not change our true nature. We were less savage when we were savage. Human beings have become the most dangerous species on earth, most depraved. What kind of person would set fire to an animal or cut off a cats nose? Of course that is not even worse case scenario, because we do these things even to one another. Who does that? We, do! Human beings do that. I know nature is really harsh. But it’s a bit more faster. We can torture people for days, but nature is only a few hours. We have food and everything, but we are crazy about murder.


I live a pretty good life, always have. I know that it is never going to get as good as it was, I just have to face the facts that I am never going to have such a good life as I had in the beginning. Not happening. I cannot top what I used to have. No matter how rich I get, no matter how much friends I have. Never going to top my childhood. I am not going to get as far as that. My childhood was on a different level. Who am I doing this for? Who am I trying to satisfy being a part of it all. Giving society so much is like, we are going to continue giving society for many years without it actually doing anything. We pay taxes, makes the world go around. The people you help, it’s just a circle. It’s just going to circulate, lesser jobs, more robots and it will be nearly impossible to get a job and economy will be worse. A lot of people is going to be on welfare. Saving money with robots.


Terminator seems realistic, robots turning against us. The world is not going to end, we are (theoretically). We are slowly creating our own demise. It is all happening, right in front of our eyes, I can see it. I am tired of this and can’t deal with this. We are to but it bluntly screwed. We murdered our own society. Evolving never brought us any good. More savage now. We killed one another quicker back then, it was different. Just don’t think the world has gotten better at all. Living in a castle or mansion with millions to my name is not going to make me any happier. I would not be happier at all. Because think about the people around you, they also effect how you feel. It would be a bit to do, running around fixing things which would keep my mind off the outside world that is not in the rich life I were to live in this example. We just have to get to the truth. I am not a good human being, I don’t understand the structure. More of a child, or bushman. All those negative words you say to those who do not do the same as you. The words of negativity. And here I am giving my words of whatever perspective you put to my name.


Maybe we should live underground? Might be better...

Society has for very many years lived above ground and only very few societies have have lived below. So what can we do that will inherently change the societal structure and render us as underground dwellers. The problem that we been faced with is the destruction and polluting of our ecology and environment. The men who are in power and decide what goes where and where the budget goes are to hung up in the idea that they should bring certain buildings to a more higher state in terms of technology and production. Either it is a production building that in turn pollutes and destroys our environment. Either way, we need to change our focus.


If we destroy most (if not all) buildings in modern society and mostly let the historic buildings stand that have historic value in which has been dated back at least a hundred years. And any building with a history dating less than a hundred years shall be demolished and the materials reused. The first start is for major cities to start using the subway systems like New York City to start expanding the tunnels a lot and create streets as well as shops. The way to do this is by going from the major terminals and locate any subway tunnel that is not in use anymore and convert it to a street rather than subway although it will connect to the subway. The good part about this is that we can all stop driving cars and use the train systems which can be quickly made more environmentally friendly and less destructive than cars among other things. Another good thing is that traffic accident will be stopped because we are all on the subway. Of course this requires that countries which does not have public transportation to be funded and made sure that someone is creating the underground world for us. We put in lights in the ceiling of our underground world which will give us the benefits that the sun gives us. We should put quite a bit of solar panels above us and internet will also be faster for those who want it since it will all be connected through wires in the walls that will make it the fastest internet possible. Then they can make very large caves which are several meters high which will make it possible to make houses beneath ground like mansions and castles, but it is all done underground and they can make it rather deep as well.


Using the nature above will always be possible, but anyone wanting to live there has to build an underground house in which makes it possible to grow grass on your house and the walls are also surrounded in dirt. This can be done in a very cheap way nowadays and is certainly possible for anyone or most. It is also not allowed to destroy above ground earth to make a house or anything of that sort. Singapore has already designed a rather good and well thought out underground city that could very well be plausible. My own idea which is a combination of living in subway tunnels which could work as very cheap apartments and very large underground worlds where you can build houses and such. Where you can put small rooms in the walls of the open spaces with bridges going from each home with houses beneath the bridges. This could bring society closer and the atmosphere would be perfect since it is really simple to cool it down and heat it whenever that needs to be done. Also any kind of war between countries would be difficult since no missiles could be shot and no major cities would ever be ruined. They can have a secure way into the underground world, much like an airport.


You should reconsider your idea of our society and what it has to offer. What we have been told about the greatness in which is about to happen is also a lie. Our so called evolution has become a rather ridiculous term in which perfectly illustrates our lack of ideology, to create and understand a development in which has been growing since we could first consider something like our future.

No time for the old in and out love, just come to read the meter.

When I'm in the city, I prefer sitting in the park and writing. Preferably in an old park similar to this place located in London, UK. When this photography was taken I was watching the birds and squirrels running about in their daily lives hiding nuts inder bushes to prepare for the winter which can get a little cold in London. The particular notebook pictured below is not in use because I found it in a thrift store and it seems to be quite old considering it was in a box along with books dated from the 1960's.

I collect Donald Duck and Scrooge comics and have done so for many years now. I have reached quite an extensive double digit collection, I think I might be at more than even a triple digit number at this point.

It is a good way of escaping reality, this world we live in which is absolutely bonkers, so through these magazines I believe there are hidden messages in which reveales ideas that could potentially change our world and society.

There are several communities on youtube as well as the internet. Mostly I have noticed on youtube. Many people join communities like mental illnesses, and youtube celebrities. And in a way all of this is connected in some strange way. America has a strange way of treating celebrities in which people trample each other because of some kid making music videos or other things. This kind of stuff is insane and baffling how people can give in on such things. Moving on to mental illness. We see large communities of people talking about their multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, depression among many other illnesses. The problem with these communities is that they do it for attention. Most people who actually suffer from these things are not interested in sharing information about themselves online. There are few legit ones who share and have probably been diagnosed by a psychiatrist. The source of the problem is America. We already know that healthcare is awful, but the process of diagnosing someone has some incredibly apparent flaws. They tend to diagnose anyone with schizophrenia although they most likely don’t have it. I heard one schizophrenic mention how we should watch out how much we look into, because at some point you might think you have it. And you start self diagnosing. This is mostly people who want attention, teenagers who have extreme identity issues and many cases search for a place to be and to identify oneself. These are one of the big issues on the platform. The fact that so many people try so hard to look for an identity and seem to be very naive, then they start believing they are mentally ill. Watch out when you are delving into this entire community thing because for people who are teenagers and try fining a place to be are easily influenced by this. This is just observation and deduction. Same thing in terms of coming quick to conclusions. In most cases it’s completely bullshit, and most if not all ideas about government and cults are fake. It’s made up. And these are one of the things mentally ill people are behind, people who want attention and just want to ruin things for others. This makes our world paranoid, hateful and full of garbage. Consider this: Love everyone, think rationally, treat everyone good, and don’t believe in these ideas that harbour hate. We need more love as well as care so we can take care of one another. We need good people to stand on the mountain and yell words of wisdom.

I am not interested in social networks at all really,. I believe it is a bad thing and that it would not make anything better at all. It is a rather nasty concept in all honesty, especially how it has turned out which is rather terrifying. I only watch youtube videos and do some research on anything I want really, but stay away from the social networks. You can't trust anyone there.

Some people tend to worry about having a great looking journal at all times with them and writing perfectly. And I recommend a notepad like this when you are traveling or if you are anywhere else that could bring some difficulties for you in terms of bringing a notepad. I have been a quite avid writer. Writing everything form short stories to all other things as well as essays on about every topic I can find that interests me. I have also written journals for years now.

Consider Reading Ted Kaczynski

You should reconsider your idea of our society and what it has to offer. What we have been told about the greatness in which is about to happen is also a lie. Our so called evolution has become a rather ridiculous term in which perfectly illustrates our lack of ideaology, to create and understand a developement in which has been growing since we could first consider something like our future.

According to most of the cases that Englehaupt reviewed were of dogs, although a few were done on

cats which proved to have a reputation for eating their dead owners. I personally find cats to be animals

who take advantage of their owners and have little to spare when it comes mourning after death. Apart

from the fact that they miss their food. I personally have grown up with cats and seen that if they don’t

get what they want they have no remorse for their attacks. I feel as if dogs can have more respect for

dead owners, but wouldn’t most animals eat the flesh of their owner if they were starving and trapped?

In many cases it seems that the face is eaten first, because approximately 73% of the cases revolved

around face bites, and since exposed areas are most common for your pet to chow down on there was

only 15% involving the abdomen. The longer the pet goes without food the more it will eat, obviously,

and understandably.

In Forensic Science International a forensic examiner reported one of his grizzly discoveries.

Apparently a young man (31) had returned to his converted garden shed where he lived with his

shepherd, behind his mother’s house. Later that night the 31 year old shot himself in the head, more

particularly wounding his mouth. According to the forensic, most of his face and neck was gone and

there were tooth marks around the edges of the wound.

The German shepherd was apparently calm and was responsive to police. On the way to the animal

sanctuary the dog actually vomited, which consisted of the owners tissue as well as beard hair. Many of

these cases has been reported throughout the course of 20 years. It also said that your dog could

potentially try and eat you while you are drunk or passed out. Another case involved a middle-aged

woman who got way too drunk and her dog ended up eating her face. She later died of the injuries and

it only took 16 hours from the dog eating to her death. Why would the dog eat the owner after death

would the common question be, and quiet simply it’s because it happens to be the dog’s instincts. It

could also be because they are really hungry.

Our bodies can eat themselves because of a bacteria within our abdomen and it leads to self digestion in

which enzymes breaks down and destroys our cells.

But... don’t worry. Pet’s eating their owners isn’t always the case.