Finding enjoyment in music, for music is life, one cannot live without it. Been enjoying and listening to a slew of classical among other forms of music that I find to be full of expression, orchestral is my favorite. This ( is something that can potentially be enjoyed by many, as well as music created by Mozart, Bach, and such. Turning away from the internet? Is that perhaps an option, staying mainly off it is a good choice, will do so.
You, goddamn ruining my day, walking into this household. Nothing, but judgement, behold, you will hear it the next time. 
PS: Damn you!!!

YouTube; Broadcast Yourself, literally. Those are the measures people take, record themselves for the whole world to see, even though they have very little to contribute with in regards to what they choose to talk about.

In recent days, the snow around the property has increased, decreased, and then turned into ice. So to say, the conditions have made it difficult for people to navigate around the state, this means there are dozens of accidents taking place around. Driving in these conditions, are at times, a struggle, so therefore, you want to stay inside and not wanting to have to rely on a scedule, car, or public transportation. And the public is struggling with their transportation, because of the conditions. Either way, mist is dawn, and the times are changing. Let me go.

A few years ago, I seem to remember sharing countless videos of my personal life, luckily, for me, it did not catch the attention of many people. I didn't really have anything to say. It all started, when I was thirteen or so, I hoped it would earn me a few bucks, it seemed reasonable at the time. I suppose, there has now been a complete loss at that aspect of life, to share my life with anyone, in the sense of posting about "me", I felt selfish (and perhaps it is). Recently, I've shared some videos of the weather, things I see around me, hobbies, but completely abandoned the idea of in any way share anything about me, personally. I don't like that kind of attention anymore, I try to avoid it, and if anyone takes videos or pictures of me, I make weird faces, or flee. And generally, when talking to people, I try to avoid, talking about me.

I am a private person. I don't need a lot of company. And I don't find it necessary, really, to talk about myself. 

Since this is a "personal site", that will not actually tell anyone much about who I am. I thought of writing this kind of "letter", to any
individuals in which I've come to know. At this very point I am slowly, turning away from the online world, apart from paying bills, checking my bank account,
email, among other things which is sort of required by people these days.

- What do I spend my time doing?
I read and write, mostly. In fact, as of writing this, it is all I do. I suppose soon, finding a place to study is the next step. Of course, I will still upload some things, very occasionally, on my youtube channel.

Site will be deleted; July 2nd, 2018

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